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Sometimes the most important steps to keeping a small town operational is simple maintenance and cleanup. With dedicated staff and governing body members City Improvements can be made to increase property values of current residents, curb appeal to perspective residents, and quality of life for the entire community. This Tab was created to highlight changes taking place in our community! 

As many of you know some of our buildings around town have been updated. Both well houses, the car wash and our local post office have all been given a new look. Romero Stucco took on the job to update the buildings with stucco. Other than the buildings needing it for many reasons our main reason was to make our town look good. 


Ensign Veteran's Memorial Park is in the process of an update. The flag poles will be replaced with commercial poles for a better stability against the high southwest Kansas winds and to prevent major damage to the flags. That and other changes will be made, please check back to find out more and see the great changes that are in the books.


The Ensign City Park is has undergone many changes! For many years the City has received one complaint after another that the Ensign City Park is covered in stickers, lighting is not sufficient at the basketball court at night and the park's appearance is not appealing!

In addition to an expanded basketball court and new goals, as voted on by the previous Ensign City Council in 2012 T&T Landscaping installed a timed in-ground sprinkler system that will work to green up the grounds. With this addition and seasonal spraying we hope to over time eliminate the stickers. 

Thanks to a few Waste Tire Management Grants through the Kansas Department of Health and Environment acquired by the City of Ensign staff, there has been the addition of a recycled waste tire mulch ground cover under the current playground equipment and benches for the playground and basketball court made of the same material.

In the future the City Clerk hopes to apply for grants that will allow the addition of a walking path and possibly a City storm shelter!  

Keep an eye on the progress!!!! And please feel free to stop by the Ensign City Hall with any questions or comments about this and other projects taking place within the City!

City Well House Repair and Cleanup Project 2013
At the beginning of 2013 with the approval of governing body members Jesus Mendoza, Renee Andrade, and Previous members Bill Statton, Molly Showalter, Aracely Ballesteros; Previous Ensign Mayor Josh Watson and New City Superintendent Gabriel Beltran undertook massive maintenance improvements to all City Wells with the replacement of well controls, well house doors, siding, roofing, leak repairs, rust and deterioration elimination and prevention, and much more. The following pictures show the before and after results of these projects!
Replacement Lighting Project of Aubrey Street and HWY 56 Ensign, KS 2013
During 2012 Previous Mayor Josh Watson set up a meeting with the directors of Victory Electric, LLC to discuss lighting improvements and maintenance within the City of Ensign. He was informed that through the franchise agreement Ensign was eligible to improve and replace lighting within the city for a small monthly franchise fee rather than the cost of replacing and maintaining individual poles. As municipalities contribute funds into their franchise on a monthly basis the annual municipal franchise refund increases. What does this mean for the City of Ensign? Rather than spare the high expense of replacing individual poles at an estimated $1000.00 to $1,500.00 each, Ensign will now contribute a small fee into the municipal franchise increasing the refund received at the end of each year!
With this information, during 2012 through a decision of the Previous governing body consisting of Mayor Josh Watson, Bill Statton, Molly Showalter, Aracely Ballesteros; current governing body members Jesus Mendoza and Renee Andrade; An extensive Ensign Relighting Project began. The lighting of Aubrey (Main) Street was the first leg of the project and was completed through 2012 and the beginning of 2013. Aubrey is now lit with steel poles that no longer zig zag across the street, but rather light from the East side of the street only limiting the electric wires from running from one side of the street to the other.
Some of you may have noticed that the excellent staff of Victory Electric has been working tirelessly over the past few weeks in completing the next leg of the Ensign Relighting Project which consists of brand new steel poles along the South side of Highway 56 through the City of Ensign. Within the next few weeks this portion of the project will also be completed as well and AFTER photos will be added at that time!
The following pictures show the HWY 56  Relighting Project!

The following pictures show the Aubrey Street Relighting Project!

City of Ensign Wastewater Project 12-PF-017
The Sewer Lagoon Project in Ensign is underway! The crews of Max Jantz Excavating have been working tirelessly to get this project moving! Below are pictures of the progress and by the end of construction the City of Ensign will have two large sewer ponds with concrete sloping and an additional run-off pond that will fully accommodate sewage services for all Ensign residents! More pictures to come as the progress continues!
Please feel free to check back for additional improvements to the City as they come!!! 

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