City of Ensign - Ensign Kansas

Hazard Mitigation Planning in 
Region "D" SW Kansas

Everyone in Kansas remembers the Greensburg Tornado of 2007. Unfortunately the destruction of an entire community in SW Kansas became a wake-up call for most Kansans and reached the attention of the entire nation. Living in Tornado Alley, all of us know that this type of disaster is going to occur. However, most of us DO NOT know what we can do to be better prepared in our communities to lower the loss of life during such a disaster.

The State and Federal Government is ready to help communities like ours be prepared. FEMA is willing to provide support to communities hit by disaster, if the right steps are taken prior (Hazard Mitigation).

Ensign is in the process of compiling the Hazard Mitigation Plan through Region "D" in conjunction with Gray County that will help in the event of disasters like the Greensburg Tornado, as well as many other potential hazards that face our small community. We need the help of all private citizens.

Below is a link to a short survey. Please click on the link and take the few minutes to answer a few questions about your thoughts on your community from 

Greensburg Tornado 2007

Destruction left by the Greensburg Tornado 2007

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